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Allie & Pickles f1 doodles ready Feb 24th winter pricing 800.00

This Litter will be bred with pickle ,pups will be apricot  to med darker REDS



Allie is such a sweet heart , loves to play, loves keep away, learning to play basketball, yes ,so gentle,loves everyone, loves to help moms with there babies, she will be great mom, mellow,no dander, shedding, best  for those allergic, or therapy work, so will not shed make others in hospital, nursing homes, classroom where others may also be allergic, or just because u  don't want that shedding . will be beautiful pups  , great for  family's, great for downs, autism cust !!  Her hair grows long wavy.  49 #



Allies litter has Arrived Jan  1st 2018 below 800.00


5 boys 4 girls  800  great choices

2 boys avail


will fill up fast now that born beautiful f1 wavy reddish  doodles 800.00


THE 4  GIRLS !  1 avail   800.00


wk 6 the 4 girls  winter pricing 800.00 1 avail !!



the 5 boys   wk 6  now 800.00 below 2 avail




Allies WK 5 wk last litter below


the 4 female BELOW 5  WKS full !!

wk 5 females full!!


Allie's 5.5 wks old  PAST LITTER.



Allie & pickles wk 5.5 --  the 5 boys below, still 1 avail,  picks open for  x mas pups 1200.00





pickles  previous f1b litters below

boy of pickles below previous litter f1b

f1b is a golden doodle breed to a standard poodle


male   below f1b


FEMALES 35-45  MALES 40-55

last pups see snow for 1st time !! fun fun fun.


see upcoming doodles