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The Golden Retriever, with its intelligence and eager to please attitude,is one of the most po
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The Goldendoodle is usually bred to be a family companion dog.Some are bred and selected for c
Standard Poodle

The Poodle, though often equated to the beauty with no brains, is exceptionally smart, active
Lisa's Love Dogs


We are a very small IA State Certified Lic's & inspected, and a serious  hobby breeder, specializing in Golden-doodles, . We our very small and LISA'S LOVE DOGS thanks you so much ,  we are now taking reservations for ,daisy & Pickle, Allie & Willie f1bs &Annie & Pickles f1 DOODLES    Champion lines raised for temperament , we have several in service ,  shots will be utd, wormed,dew claws removed ,    included is a 2 year health guarantee, on going pics when born,up  until such time for you to take home your new pup, we want you to be apart of the growth of your new puppy. also puppy pack, info. vets #, everything needed to make your new puppy's transition the most enjoyable memories for your family. Lisa's Love Dogs is just that , LOVE ,and we enjoy so much the gift we were given, and love to watch as others smile , laugh , & cry, as our love dogs bless your life's!! We are a small serious hobby breeder with only a few litters a year, our dogs are our family , healthy, we raise for companion temperament for family's to enjoy for years to come, we take pride in our lines, and have worked very hard to breed quality dogs at an affordable price, so many can enjoy the golden breed as we do. we believe in healthy food, lots of love, attention.Many now in service with autism,downs, & wounded warriors, & many have passed for service , therapy dogs. Our utmost concern is to del,happy, healthy ,social pups, for years of enjoyment .

PLEASE SEE BRAG PAGE !! many,many referrals

Shipping  runs 400-500 include is  airline ticket $215.00-309.00 delta airlines only! small to med kennel u keep $35-55.00. vet ck 72 hrs before flight 40.00 , 15.00 health cert.,transfers to airport, We ship fastest route avail only!




!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     we do not do mini's  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry, we don't believe in those breeding practices.


About Lisa's love dogs

As a young child i had always dreamed of having a golden retriever, but some how that just never came about . My hope remained through the years , never given up hope, then one day i met this wonderful man, my now husband Mark.

Mark had said OK to a new golden retriever pup, i was so excited, we were going on a road trip to pick up our pup, meet them , but the owner had brought 2, now what ? I would have to decide? but how i thought ! I want them both, and my husband saw in my eyes that joy, love, and well that was the start of our golden retriever dreams.

We had decided to move from the pacific northwest  to small town central IA  , buy a small farm, and raise kids, dogs in a healthy environment free of drugs, gangs, violence , and wholesome small town living USA.

Mark also had a dream since a young child of having a classic car, and his dream came true, he loved that car , i watched as he drove it so proud , always spending time with it , the kids, cruises , cars shows, always heads turning , him always waxing…..

Then one day mark said honey , I have had my dream , yours is to raise golden retrievers he said, you have so much love that it was my calling , they need me, and so did the industry, to have a person ,a small hobby breeder ,who cared , dreamed , and would always preserve the rights of the Golden's, and speak for them , take care of them, raise high quality puppies, raise for temperament , search & rescue , and for therapy dogs,and as companions for family’s, always striving to help the golden breed & help people along the way to full fill there lives in hope of seeing their dreams come true.

And so he sold his car, gathered our pups, and begun to raise our dogs, with rabbits to chase, pheasants to flush, streams to swim, and Lisa's love dogs became reality. today we raise on our small farm, high quality pups, at affordable rates so all family’s can enjoy, for family pets, to be healthy pups , & energetic balls of fun, with all the love that Lisa's love dogs has to offer,to give a 2 year health cert.& change the way many thought of breeders, Do for the right reasons, never to big to always give our dogs all the love attention they needed.

Then we decided to try golden doodles , we thought these would be good for so many , little to no shedding, goofy,smart temperaments for all to enjoy.Little did we know years later we would be blessing  so many with smart goofy, sweetest calmest pups ever, Soon we realized they were such therapy for autistic children,& after the first one that went to a young boy, we knew we had truly been blessed in a way we never thought. we all cried. & so today we have many with downs syndrome ,to autism,& mark  works with a few wounded soldiers to help them get back a piece of there life's, by our dogs pulling there wheel chairs up ramps, to fishing docks, to be able to wheel around the bike paths on lakes , there smiles ,tears has filled our hearts with more than we ever could of dreamed , the emails , the pictures from so many , the thanks, the friends, sometimes we just sit & cry for being so blessed to do what we do. It is truly our calling , not what we had imagined, God gave us so much more! It has become so much more than just raising puppies,

Lisa's love dogs sale on spayed /neutered contracts only , to preserve the breed, and maintain our lines to become healthy puppies for family's to enjoy for years. our dogs our are family , and we only wish  for family's to enjoy as much as we do!

we are IA state certified inspected  breeder