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Gabby & pickles f1 red doodles march 2018 1200.00




Gabby loves the water many times curls up in water bucket , she is very calm , mellow , picked for temperament . she will make some awesome f1 dark red  doodles  OFA good hips



will be Gabby's first litter, with Pickle, pups will be darker red F1 doodles . They get darker as they get older just like  retrievers do . $1200.00 much like some below that are dark . they all will be darker red , see Dani's page, will be same they are sisters. these are some awesome doodles , just so mellow & smart.


pass litter




last litter







all pups below were not her litters with pickle, but with Dobby


pictures below were from Liberty now retired



the boys 6wks old below PAST litter


the girls 6 wks old full !!!!!!!!


5 weeks the boys below last litter


the 7 girls  wk 5  below last  litter full!!


Last litter boy  6 WEEKS

past pup kalee  6 months here


PAST PUP !!!  below    Pete,  6  months old here   50 #